AnTuTu 3DRating Benchmark 1.2.2 released

AnTuTu 3DRating Benchmark 1.2.2 released today.
Today is a nice day that after a long time troubleshooting, we finally fixed blank screen bug.
It took us months to develop 3DRating. Now it has been formally completed. We hope 3DRating can help you evaluate GPU performance better.


AnTuTu 3DRating Benchmark

AnTuTu 3DRating is a professional Android GPU performance test application. Different than AnTuTu Benchmark, 3DRating only focus on 3D part of GPU in Android devices, while 3D performance is the key performance to game softwares.


AnTuTu Battery Saver

AnTuTu Battery Saver is a power saving tool for Android phones. It's easy to use and if you turn on the 1-3 level and open the power-saving mode, the app will open automatically. It saves electricity with hardware reducing the power demand. It’s quite different from traditional way of power saving by closing some functions.


AnTuTu CPU Master

AnTuTu CPU Master is a tool for changing the CPU speed on a rooted Android Mobile Phone/Pad. Automatic detection CPU's available frequencys, don't need to manually choose.It’s free.


AnTuTu Smart Profiles

AnTuTu Smart Profiles lets you manipulate your phone's volumes & settings all in one. You can adjust your phones settings based on time or weekday. Make a profile that turns off battery-hogging features at night or at work and have them enabled by the time you wake up or get home from work.


AnTuTu Benchmark

AnTuTu Benchmark is an benchmarking tool for Android Mobile Phone/Pad. It can run a full test of a key project. It runs smoothly and gives accurate analysis for Andriod smart phones.
It can support the latest quad-core cpu.


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