AnTuTu Labs Observation Report Semi-Annual

AnTuTu Labs has made a regional ranking statistics for Android-based smart phones, in accordance with the collected records to popularity.

Meanwhile, based on the benchmarking standard of AnTuTu Benchmark 3, we AnTuTu Labs made a strict data analysis to hardware performance of the published Android based smart phones in global wide. And then, we made the hardware performance rank which is based on the data we collected in first semi-annual of 2013.

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Scores of Chinese Pads are unreliable

We have received multiple scores query of Chinese Pads, which including Ainol, Ramos. These products have been modified the scores on RAM and display any scores they want on AnTuTu Benchmark. The real score is only half of the score it displays. This behavior has severely impacted the accuracy of AnTuTu Benchmark. We hope all the dealers can query the test reports when test the performance of Chinese Android devices. Only by this way can such cheating behavior be terminated.

3DMark for Android

3DMark for Android is just a gaudy joke. We do not think it can test the real performance of GPU. It is more like an app made by Qualcomm.

Samsung Galaxy S IV

Samsung Galaxy S IV can only use 4 cores at most. Thus the score of 8-thread is the same with 4-thread.


Google Nexus 10

Currently, we are interested in Google Nexus 10's Exynos 5250 + Mali T604. It is a dual-core tablet, got only 13772 on AnTuTu Benchmark, and has a great gap compared to Samsung Galaxy Note 2, which got 18000. However, it defeats some quad-core devices on a brand new benchmark item.


Stop cheating

AnTuTu keep encouraging manufacturers to make optimizations to Android, thus users can enjoy better experience. However, we take a stand against to those who just make optimizations to benchmarks and cheat users with benchmark scores.

Except the version we released on Google Play, we also have the labs version of AnTuTu Benchmark. Let’s see the differences of Huawei Honor 2 tested on these 2 versions of AnTuTu Benchmark.


Cheating in AnTuTu


After the release of AnTuTu Benchmark 3.0, we concentrate on solving cheats. Formerly, there are some manufacturers made cheating specifically aimed at AnTuTu Benchmark. We are going to disclosure some cheating methods, which called "special optimization" by manufacturers.
All in all, we do not want to see manufacturers use cheating for Benchmark to improve scores. They should focus attention on system perfection rather than cheating on us.


AnTuTu Benchmark 3.0 Coming Soon



AnTuTu 3DRating Benchmark for iPhone/iPad

AnTuTu 3DRating has successfully launched on App Store. Now you can compare your device with iPhone/iPad. Before that, you need to know that the best way for comparision is run 2048x1024 off-screen benchmark.

AnTuTu 3DRating Benchmark On Windows

AnTuTu 3DRating Benchmark has run successfully on most Android devices. Today, we tested it and it run cialis online price successfully on Windows and iOS as well. Now you can compare 3D performance of mobile devices with traditional PCs. Of course, AnTuTu 3DRating Benchmark is not a best 3D test application on PC recently.


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