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The AnTuTu Labs is home to 50 specialists from a wide variety of technical and business domains relevant to the field of smart devices benchmarking, and also vendor of AnTuTu Benchmark which is a popular benchmarking utility for Android-based smart devices, provides all partners an open and fair Android based devices benchmarking solution. These specialists all strive to achieve a common goal, namely: to establish a simple way to individuals for professional smart devices benchmarking. Their professional competence, thirst for innovation and team spirit ensures a consistently high level of quality at all times.

Chad Cai, the co-founder and CTO of AnTuTu Labs, focuses on benchmarking solutions to personal computer for about 20 years. Mr. Cai starts his work on Android platform since the year 2010, and now working on providing a direct benchmarking result of Android-based smart devices to individual users.

“To give individual users a direct impress of how good their smart devices is, is what we are doing now in benchmarking projects. In previous releases of AnTuTu Benchmark, we take the industry standard into Android based smart devices benchmarking, and now we switch to benchmarking based on user experiences and hardware performance both.
We shall keep an open and fair benchmarking to all users and partners. ”

————— Chad Cai

Shao Ying, the co-founder and CEO of AnTuTu Labs, has more than 15 years’ experiences on shareware development and marketing.

“I like the way of providing a direct result to users that how their smart devices perform, just as the AnTuTu Benchmark doing now. We hope AnTuTu Benchmark can help more and more users to understand how their smart devices perform. This is also what we are doing now.
We believe that the AnTuTu Labs can be a well-known independent smart devices benchmarking institute."

————— Shao Ying

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